5 Types of Boats Used for Lake Boating

One of the most popular destinations for family boating is a natural lake. Such lakes give every member of your family the chance to indulge in a range of exciting activities. You’ll need to choose the best type of boat for your lake-boating adventures to enjoy the best experiences. 

Your choice of boat would also depend on a few other factors. They include the lake you’re planning to visit and the activities you’d like to enjoy. Here are the different types of boats used in lake boating:

1. Pontoon boats

These boats are a popular choice for lake boating. You’ll have several choices in pontoon boats according to the size, performance, and facilities. They were once used for slow cruising. In recent times, they are provided with enough power to tow the skiers. The sizes of pontoon boats range from 16 feet to 25 feet. 

Some of them are also have excellent facilities for entertainment, fishing, and water sports. Such boats offer plenty of space for accommodating friends or family members. They are easy to handle and provide the required stability on the waters.

2. Deck boats

These boats also come in various sizes ranging from 16 feet to 27 feet. Most of these boats are built using fiberglass, but some are constructed using aluminum. Deck boat models are provided with outboard, sterndrive, or jet propulsion. Such boats usually have an open bow with the necessary lounge space. They can be used for activities such as casual angling, exploring, cruising, and water sports.

3. Fish-and-ski boats

The fish-and-ski boats are made more versatile by modifying the original boat design. A fish-and-ski boat can either be a freshwater fishing boat or a runabout. The boats used for fishing usually feature comfortable seating and tall windshield. Runabouts have angling-friendly features like rod holders, a trolling motor, and a live well.

4. Water sports boats

These boats are designed specifically for the water sports enthusiasts like wakeboarders and wake surfers. Such boats are commonly referred to as ‘wake boats’ or ‘ski boats’. They have a hull, which is shaped to produce the desired wake. Water sports boats have plenty of towing power, but lack speed and efficiency. The propeller is located under the boat instead of being behind the boat. 

Water sports boats are safe and can be legally used for wakesurfing. They can be equipped with trim tabs and other accessories that are designed to enhance the surf wake. These boats also have an inboard water ballast tank for adding some weight.

5. Cabin Cruisers

Cabin cruiser boats are used for cruising on larger lakes. They are provided with berths and a gallery for overnight stays. You can enjoy a comfortable ride in these boats. They are designed to cover greater distances when compared to a runabout. Cabin cruisers can also be a great choice for dockside entertainment. Cuddy cabin boats are nearly the size of a runabout. 

They offer an enclosed bow with a low cabin, which makes them ideal for accommodating facilities for overnight stays. Such offerings also provide good shade for smaller children. These spaces can also be used as changing areas or as reliable places for gear storage.

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