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6 Astonishing Facts About Cruise Ships

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You might be someone who prefers to spend the vacations on land. However, if you’re someone who loves vacationing on cruise ships, you’d agree that they’re truly amazing. From their sheer size to the number of individuals they can accommodate, everything about cruise ships would astonish you. It won’t be wrong to describe them as […]


7 Biggest Ships in the World

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Some of the biggest ships in the world today are cargo carriers, oil tankers, and cruise ships. It has become a trend in recent times to use larger ships for transportation. Some of these ships are considered as engineering marvels while others play an important role in world trade. Generally, the size of a ship […]


5 Types of Boats Used for Lake Boating

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One of the most popular destinations for family boating is a natural lake. Such lakes give every member of your family the chance to indulge in a range of exciting activities. You’ll need to choose the best type of boat for your lake-boating adventures to enjoy the best experiences.  Your choice of boat would also […]


Have Some Fun Outdoors in Duluth During Summer

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Summers in Duluth are absolutely glorious as you get to relax and have fun at some fabulous places. You can stay in one of the city’s best hotels or B&Bs, depending on your budget. The summer temperatures in Duluth are mostly mild, which gives you the chance to enjoy some exciting outdoor activities.  You’ll also […]