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Thursday, January 21, 2016 - No Arrivals or Departures so far today
Duluth Built Length Flag
J.A.W. Iglehart At La Farge Superior for longterm layup. 1936501USA
Paul R. Tregurtha At Midwest Energy for winter layup 19811013USA
Philip R. Clarke At Port Terminal for winter layup . Berth 4. Arrived 01/15/02:11. 1952767USA
Edwin H. Gott At Port Terminal for winter layup . Berth 1. Arrived 01/14/05:46. 19791004USA
Kaye E. Barker At Fraser Shipyards for winter layup . Arrived 01/15/12:11. 1952767USA
American Century At Port Terminal for winter layup . Berth 6/7. Arrived 01/14/17:56. 19811000USA
Herbert C. Jackson At Fraser Shipyards for winter layup . Arrived 12/11/06:00. Here for 6 month powerplant conversion. 1959690USA
Indiana Harbor At Lakehead Pipeline for winter layup . First vessel to arrive for winter lay-up. Arrived 11/3/18:25. 19791000USA
J. B. Ford Shifted from long term layup at Superior Municipal Dock 10/9/c.08:00 to Azcon scrapyard in Duluth. Arrived for long term layup 11/5/1985. 1904440USA
Edward L. Ryerson at Tower Bay Slip, Superior for long term layup. 1960730USA
American Victory At Elevator M , Superior for long term layup. 1943730USA

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